Parent/Patient Reviews

“Our daughter loves going to Children’s Dentistry! They have great, knowledgeable staff. Dr. Holly is wonderful and Dr. Rei as well. They know how to tend to your child’s needs and get them comfortable for every cleaning or procedure that needs to be done. We just moved, but even though they are far, we still go to them. That should say a lot. Heck, my wife and I wished we could even be their patients. That is how good they are. I highly recommend them if you have a child with dental needs. They deserve more than five stars. Ten-plus!”
— Adwin T.

“This is the best pediatric dentistry in Dallas, hands down! The staff is incredibly caring and patient! I have a child with sensory issues who can be difficult and they do so well with getting her to cooperate and helping her through the process. I cannot speak highly enough of this entire team!”
— Danae H.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Holly and the crew. She is so kind and informative and open to treating our children in ways that accommodate the whole family. The staff is amazing and knowledgeable, and they make every accommodation possible to help our kids! We will be lifelong patients.”
— Brandon P.

“Friendly staff and doctors. I drive farther than most people would to bring their kids to the dentist because of the caring mannerisms of both the doctors and staff. They go above and beyond to help my kids have a successful visit, and I appreciate that so much!”
— Christina I.

“Best pediatric dentist in Texas! Dr. Rei Iwase is the best. She is so cheerful and good with kids, as well as being respectful of our family's specific health concerns and how that affects our dental treatment. Could not ask for a better dentist for my kids!”
— Megan K.

“We LOVE Dr. Holly. She is amazing and her staff is fantastic. The ONLY thing that’s hard is that everyone else loves her so much that it’s almost impossible to get an appointment in a timely manner. I had to reschedule an appointment three weeks out and ended up having to wait two months for the next opening. I would never stop seeing her because of that.... She just needs to clone herself so there’s enough of her to go around!”
— Lindsay A.

“Dr. Ben Curtis is both a fantastic man and dentist all rolled into one. He saw our 22-month-old grandson who had a terrible fall, breaking off two of his front teeth. When mom and dad took him to be examined by Dr. Curtis, my wife and I waited in the lobby. I was so impressed with how the staff made an effort to update us and try to comfort us during this rough time. I was further impressed when Dr. Curtis comes into the lobby and asked to speak with us. He recognized my wife was upset and he hugged her, held her hand, and described the situation with our grandson. I later found out he was incredibly kind and compassionate with our daughter-in-law as well. I have never seen or heard about a doctor caring so much to seek everyone out (parents, grandparents) and thoroughly explain things and provide a source of comfort. I recommend Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The people who work there make the biggest difference that sets this group apart from all others in the DFW metroplex.” 
— Kevin K.

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