the place
to be nurtured
Sometimes the little ones need the softest touch. Our staff specializes in always treating infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers with the extra patience and love they need. And always with a reassuring smile.
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the place
to be cool
Whether you have one in grade school, middle school or high school, they’ll feel right at home digging the cool vibes of an office designed just for them and a staff dedicated to treating them with the respect their advanced age deserves!
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the place
to be yourself
We specialize in treating children with disabilities. Our caring, compassionate dentists are trained in treating children with sensory challenges, physical, medical, developmental and cognitive conditions. We take the time to help every child feel comfortable.
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the place
to be the hero
It’s hard to smile when you scored the winning bucket but took an elbow to the teeth doing it! Our dentists are experts at treating all kinds of dental-related sports injuries, getting players back in the game with a big smile on their face.
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pediatric dentistry imagined

Imagine a pediatric dental practice that grows with your child. That offers two age-appropriate locations so your child always feels at home. That welcomes children with disabilities. And that’s staffed by highly trained pediatric dentists who focus on treating the most important thing in the world: your child.
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Welcome to Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas

Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas offers personalized care in a welcoming and laughter-filled atmosphere.

Our practice grows with your child: We offer two age-specific Dallas offices, at Woodhill Medical Park and Preston Hollow Village. Drs. Lara Holly, Rei Iwase, Ben Curtis, Sarita Shah, and Preston Colven are gentle pediatric dentists. Our doctors and team cater to the physical and emotional needs of each infant, toddler, child, teen, and child with disabilities. This ensures everyone feels secure and excited to take care of his or her smile!

We offer dental exams and cleanings, preventive care, and emergency dentistry. We also provide space maintenance, extractions, and treatment for dental abscesses and tongue-tie. The Biolase Waterlase means comfortable and swift procedures, but we offer safe sedation options, too.

Everyone at Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas looks forward to welcoming you and your little ones to our practice. Please schedule a visit for your son or daughter today!

Insurance Questions?

please give us a call to learn more about our providers

We will file your dental insurance on your behalf; however, your policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. Any portion your insurance does not assist in paying will be the patient’s responsibility. It is your responsibility to keep us informed of any changes to your policy.

Parent testimonials

“Friendly staff & doctors. I drive farther than most people would to bring their kids to the dentist because of the caring mannerisms of both the doctors and staff. They go above and beyond to help my kids have a successful visit and I appreciate that so much!” - Christina I. “This is the best pediatric dentistry in Dallas, hands down! I have a child with sensory issues who can be difficult and they do so well with getting her to cooperate and helping her through the process. I cannot speak highly enough of this entire team!” - Danae H. “Best Pediatric Dentist in Texas! Dr. Rei Iwase is the best. She is so cheerful and good with kids, as well as being respectful of our family's specific health concerns and how that affects our dental treatment. Could not ask for a better dentist for my kids!” - Megan K.
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