Sedation Dentistry

Conscious Oral Sedation

Our dentists will ensure that your son or daughter feels comfortable and secure at our office. Conscious oral sedation is a safe and effective procedure to induce relaxation and provide a painless appointment.

If you would like to learn more about conscious oral sedation in Dallas and how it can benefit your child, please call Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas at 214-378-8868 and schedule a consultation with our pediatric dentists.

IV Sedation

Drs. Holly, Curtis, Iwase, and Shah may recommend IV sedation for very young or anxious patients or patients whose disabilities make conscious sedation unsuitable. IV sedation creates a state of deep relaxation for patients. Your child will be monitored at all times by an anesthesiologist while our pediatric dentists perform dental treatment.

Prior to your child’s IV sedation appointment, we ask that you:

  • Notify our dentists of any changes in your youngster’s health and any existing medical conditions. Reschedule the appointment if your child has an ear infection, cold, or fever. Please contact our office if your son or daughter becomes ill so we can postpone treatment if necessary.
  • Tell our dentists about any medications your child is on, any previous drug reactions, or changes in medical history.
  • Dress your child in comfortable, loose clothing, as he or she will be lying down for a while.
  • Take your youngster to the restroom before arrival.
  • Avoid giving your child milk or solid food after midnight the night before, and offer clear liquids only, such as water and apple juice, up to six hours before the appointment
  • As the legal guardian, stay at our office until the completion of the procedure.
  • Bring along your child’s asthma inhaler.
  • Do not feed your little one greasy, fatty, or fried foods or else he or she may vomit.

After the sedation appointment, please:

  • Monitor your child closely, since the patient will be very drowsy.
  • Have your youngster sleep one a side with the chin up
  • Wake your son or daughter every hour for a drink to avoid dehydration. Begin with small sips of clear liquids for nausea.
  • Ensure that your child’s first meal after the appointment is light and easy to digest.

Please contact Children's Dentistry of North Dallas at 214-378-8868 if you are concerned about your child receiving IV sedation in Dallas, TX, or have any questions about the procedure.

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