COVID-19 Update

Children’s Dentistry of North Dallas has instituted a re-opening protocol in response to guidance from the Texas Dental Board of Examiners, American Dental Association, and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

If your child(ren) had an appointment cancelled due to our COVID-19 closure period from March through May 9th, we are diligently working to reschedule patients based on priority of need, and we welcome phone calls for questions or concerns. Please see the sections below describing our operations during COVID-19.


Safety for you, your child, and our team remains our top priority, and it is our obligation as part of the healthcare system to minimize transmission risk.

Recently implemented enhancements include:

  • Temperature and COVID-19 screening for any person who enters the office. Our team members and doctors are screened twice a day. 
  • Patients will wait in their cars upon arrival, be screened, and then called in for their appointment at the scheduled time.
  • Additional PPE such as scrub caps and N95 face masks
  • Surface disinfection in common areas
  • Reduction in the number of persons in our office at any one time
  • Minimal overlapping of patients within the office, with all dental chairs 6 feet apart
  • If patients display any signs or symptoms, they will not be treated, but rescheduled for a later date.
  • Only patients receiving treatment will be allowed into our treatment rooms.
  • Under special circumstances, an individual may be allowed to wait in our waiting area.
  • Anyone who enters the office must wear a facial mask and be pre-screened before entry.


You will see changes when it is time for your son or daughter’s next appointment. Please understand that we are striving to remain at 25% occupancy to align with our state and county government regulations for businesses.

To help in navigating your youngster’s next visit, we will text or call you prior to the appointment to remind you of essential details. Please find a summary of changes below.

  • We are scheduling to respect social and physical distancing between patients and to follow for additional disinfection time between appointments. Due to this:
  • You may be offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment.
  • Commitment to appointment arrival times is important so we may best serve your family.
  • All dental chairs are 6 feet apart in our office, and our workflows keep patients from crossing paths.
  • We will ask COVID-19 screening questions prior to your planned visit to our practice and again when you arrive. Please stay at home and keep your child(ren) at home if you or they are feeling unwell, or experiencing any symptoms of illness, including the following: fever, sore throat, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, headaches, or unexplained rashes on the hands/feet.
  • Only the patient may be present during the appointment, with parent/guardian waiting in the car or common area outside our office. We can communicate with you throughout the visit as needed and provide virtual observation of your child. 
  • In the case of infants, toddlers, children under the age of 5, and children with disabilities who need a parent present, we are strategically scheduling their appointments. 
  • If you have traveled outside the local region recently, you may be asked to wait 14 days before coming in for an appointment.


Many things have changed, but our core mission statement to S.E.R.V.E. your children has not! 


As a reminder, our pediatric dentists continue to offer the following:

  • Urgent/emergent treatment daily
  • Access to a pediatric dentist after hours for dental traumas and emergencies
  • Dental report cards that summarize details of your child’s visit
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